Jeanne Rettos Logan • Bio

Growing up in Ohio consisted of simple times with a love for music, sports and the outdoors. The balance of these components still are a part of my life philosophy. I was introduced to an eclectic genre of music from my parents at an early age. The exposure to jazz, blues, rock and country is reflected in my music and who I am as an artist today. Interest in guitar and singing started in my teens and has continued to grow and evolve throughout the years. Leaving my roots in the eighties, I headed west where the beautiful Utah skies meet the ridge tops of the Wasatch Mountains, the place I call home. • I have been performing with various musicians from a 5-piece rock band to theater productions and acoustic venues. In 2001 I started writing more original material and released my first solo CD. Cleanse My Soul was released in 2009. There will be a new release of electric blues inspired music along with some heart felt acoustic originals coming out in 2018. You can join us apres ski in many of the local venues,

Peace and Love,
Jeanne M Rettos Logan

I dedicate my

music to family and friends for all

their love and support during my artistic journey.

May you find peace and inspiration

in yours.