Jeanne Rettos Logan

I moved to Utah in the eighties to enjoy the Mountains and the spiritual quality life of the West. In the early ’90s,  I joined the Band “Jeanne and the Hitmen” as Lead Vocalist and performed many years of playing clubs and various venues. Our performances included the opening act for the band America, playing theater productions, ski venues, arts festivals, and singing the National Anthem at many sporting events. The natural progression of writing original music, was the next chapter, releasing my first Solo Album in 2000 that was produced by Mark Williams. In 2009, I released Cleanse my Soul, which consists of many heartfelt tracks, of love, loss, and life experiences, produced by Andy Happle. I am currently finishing my third album, “Ray of Sunshine”, which will be available in the summer of 2021. One highlight on this Album is “Hearts of Gold” dedicated to my daughter Kristina and all of the children born with Congenital Heart Defects.  Single tracks from the album are available on Spotify and Itunes.

Currently, I am usually performing at acoustic venues either solo or with a couple of my musical friends that I have worked with for many years. The evolution and creativity in writing original music will continue to grow and change with the Journey of life experiences. Performing an acoustic arrangement delivers the true emotion and real story behind the songs. I am grateful to have many wonderful musical friends to share this passion and to perform with.

Family and friends are the grassroots and blessings of my life. “May the true spirit of music rise and lift your heart and feed your soul”

Jeanne Rettos Logan